Here's a little about Canada Waterfowl Guides
& Saskatchewan Duck Hunting


I'm Capt. Derwyn Booker and I enjoy nothing more than Saskatchewan duck hunting.  I own and operate Canada Waterfowl Guides.  Canada Waterfowl Guides is licensed and insured to hunt more than 7,000 square miles of Saskatchewan's prime waterfowl habitat.  I selected these properties because they hold the most staging waters, best food sources and highest waterfowl densities in the province. 

I have been a waterfowl hunter for over 40 years, including many years as a guide in Texas.   From Texas rice fields to California's valley, I have hunted every flyway in North America.  I am also an experienced Canada waterfowl hunter with years of experience and many Canada duck and goose limits to my credit.   I spend my summer months along the Texas Coast where I am a  Gulf of Mexico charter boat captain and operate DoDaBlu Charters out of Freeport, Texas.   Canada Waterfowl Guides is a great way for me to share my passion for the outdoors and my skills as a waterfowl hunter.   If you want to experience the hunt of a lifetime;  friendly, comfortable accommodations and a turnkey hunting experience - join Canada Waterfowl Guides to see why I have said many times over, "I'll trade my entire Texas duck season for 1 week of Saskatchewan duck hunting."

Our lodging was selected for comfort and convenience.  An up-to-date farm house and home cooked meals insure a memorable and comfortable stay.    At Canada Waterfowl Guides, your party is not broken up into motel rooms. Your group of 8 or more will have exclusive use of the lodge.  Smaller groups may share the lodge, but you'll find ample room for all with 2 large living areas and 3 1/2 baths.  Satellite TV and high speed internet are available in both living areas.

If  you chose to fly to Canada, you will probably arrive in  Saskatoon or Regina.  Once you have cleared customs, you will be provided with transportation to our lodge.   Your first hunt will be the next morning (late arrivals will begin with an afternoon hunt the next day).   Each morning you will have a large Continental breakfast, followed by a  quick strategy meeting with your guide and then off to the fields.  Back to the Lodge by 11 a.m. for a large lunch and a rest.  Afternoon hunts are structured to pursue unfilled limits from the morning afield and usually begin with a lodge departure by 3:30 pm.  After the afternoon hunt, it's back to the lodge for the evening meal, some socializing and then a comfortable nights sleep.

Your stay will end with an afternoon hunt, a farewell meal and a great night's sleep filled with dreams of what may be the best Saskatchewan duck hunting you'll ever experience.  The next morning you will be transported to the departure airport.   Birds may be packaged for consumption or taxidermy at an additional cost.  Local taxidermy service is available and your trophy may be picked up on your next years hunt or can be shipped to your US address.

We use only the best equipment.  Your hunts will be comfortable, concealment will be superb and the decoys realistic and numerous.

Give me a call at 800 988-6288 or email to learn more and make your reservation and enjoy a great Saskatchewan duck hunting adventure.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions regarding firearm imports, ammunition, licenses, seasons or limits, or you name it.  It would be a pleasure to provide you and your group with a great Saskatchewan duck hunt.

                                                             Derwyn Booker
                                                             Canada Waterfowl Guides